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A Trust is an entity that is used mainly to protect property and manage assets. It is created by establishing a Trust Deed and by transfer of property to people known as Trustees. The Trust deed sets out the way the trust property is to be dealt with.

Pabla Law has extensive experience in setting up family trusts which mainly have the following potential benefits:

  • Protection of assets for family members.

  • Ensuring assets are transferred to the next generation

  • Family members and/or family owned businesses are protected from possible relationship property claims

  • Management of assets of a person who is incapable of or unable to manage their own affairs

We ensure that you are advised on the relevant aspects of trust law when setting up your Trust and also take care of the process of transferring your property in to the Trust. A Trust Deed is an important legal document and the correct legal advice and assistance ensures that the Trust fully meets your needs.

We also provide Trust administration services such as Change of Trustees, Retirement of Trustees, Deed of Acknowledgement of Debt, Deed of Forgiveness of Debt and Trust Variations.

Contact us to discuss your requirements around asset protection and formation of a Trust - our team at Pabla law will be glad to assist you in this process! 

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